We provide non-destructive testing [NDT], material testing, Rope Access, Lifting Inspection, Tubular, BHA, and Drill pipes Inspection, Destructive Testing, Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical Construction and fabrication, Diving, Welding, Civil Engineering, Electricity and Instrumentation, painting and scaffolding services, 24/24 and 7/7 in Cameroon and all over Africa.

Casing & Tubing
Casing and Tubing Inspection as per API Recommendation
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Rope Access
ENIES Has a team of well trained and highly experienced IRATA Rope access technicians, we provide inspection, NDT and welding, with the most qualified and experienced team of Rope Access Team of Cameroon.
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NDT And Material Testing
We are providing the services in various fields of Non Destructive Testing, stress relieving, metallurgical Testing.
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Our Rope Access certified Team perform also Painting, Cleaning and blasting.
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BHA, Drill Pipes and Pipelines
ENIES provides full services in pipes and downholes tools inspection, such as: EMI, MPI, LPT, UT, RT And Visual. ENIES has some the most experienced professionals in the midstream oil and gas industry. our work is trusted by many companies throughout west africa.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ERATA NDT AND INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SERVICES PLLC

ENIES is an engineering multipurpose service company created in partnership by a group of five (5) young, dynamic and highly dedicated personnel, with professional engineering backgrounds, founded in the year, 2019 with Akwa as head quarter in Douala. ENIES was put in place with the purpose of creating a sustainable and constantly improving engineering platform, able to provide predictable and quality solutions to our clients whilst fostering lasting relationships with professionals, local councils, government agencies, contractors and suppliers. Its goal has always been to visit local and national engineering challenges with expertise and reliable solutions. Today, besides Douala(head quarter) where were we dispense our services on a national scale, we have in our possession two permanent bases, one in the South West region, Limbe and the other at in the Centre region, Mbandjock and we intend opening other bases in other regions.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ERATA NDT AND INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SERVICES PLLC

ENIES started off as a quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) provider for micro and macro size projects : Certification and Recertification, systematic or improvised Destructive Tests (DTs) and  Nondestructive Tests (NDTs), surface coating and corrosion protection in the field of control engineering in the oil, gas and energy sector. It was later extended to the inspection of oil and gas drilling tools, engineering designs, metallic constructions, mechanical assembly and industrial welding as well as painting for marine and industrial structures and architectural protective structures for various residential, commercial and industrial installations. In line with its goal of providing solutions in industrial maintenance.



test holding

ENIES has greatly improved on it ability to be able to deliver diversified services in other engineering fields such as: agriculture, public works, mechanics, electricity/instrumentation as well as subcontracting. We pride ourselves of our incredible bespoke services designed to directly meet the needs of customers.

Our biggest affirmation is our reliable and worthy team of collaborators’ trust that is committed to putting our core values into practice.