For the oil and gas industries, food processing industries and or other  industrial related sectors calling  in for the need of mechanical installation, we help to ensure reliability and safety of your produce, equipment or installation our world-class services in non-destructive testing, destructive testing, material testing  and quality welding

Drill-pipes, BHA [Heavy weight drill pipes, Drill Collars etc…] Casing, Tubing, special tools/customer, pup joints and couplings

We understand the processes involved throughout the product cycle-from conception via design to manufacturing and from operations to maintenance and taken into account the frequent need for fast turnaround times. Insurance services can support production processes, quality control and regulatory compliance. As well as new constructions, pipelines, plant maintenance and scheduled shutdown inspection.

                                                                                                  MPI  –  EMI  –  LPT  –  UT  –  RT  –  VT       

Our extensive expertise and knowledge of non-destructive testing and materials allow us to select the right techniques and procedures to detect defect and irregularities in/on your products, equipment, production, plant or factory assets and you provide the data needed to help you make rational and sound decisions.

           ENIES can help you avoid the risk of catastrophic and fatal consequences and financial losses with the detection of problems before they cause damage, malfunctions or failure in services.

Besides our services in non-destructive testing, destructive testing and material testing, we equally provide complete and quality welding services to help meet your needs in welding related jobs, comply with international and national codes and standards and penetrate new markets. With our training and welder qualifications, ENIES operates in various industrial sectors, in particular oil and gas field, food processing, renewable energy, automotive rail, general engineering, manufacturing and construction. 

                                                                                       DESTRUCTIVES TESTS AND NON-DESTRUCTIVES TESTS

Wherever your company is located and regardless of the sector, our expertise allow us to support you technically with our full range of NDT services:

                –  Material and Pressure tank tests inspection

                –   Special NDT services

                –   Welding Services

                –   Consultancy

The advantages of choosing ENIES for its NDT services, material testing and welding. By associating with MIES we pledge to bring real value to your business by protecting your brand, your reputation and by ensuring the safety and integrity of your produce, equipment and facilities. We help you save time and money by avoiding the cost and loss of revenue related to defects or failures of products during or after forging or processing of equipment and goods all done with less possible disruption to your processes and schedule of production. We run a well-equipped facility and highly qualified and experienced NDT personnel with required qualifications in the following sector:

ASNT: For all NDT services, from lifting equipment, climbing inspection, material inspection, drill pipe and downhole tools inspection and welded joints inspection

ASME 1X-2007: 6G welding approval

CSWIP: for welding inspections, supervisors and instructors/examiner.  Accreditations and approvals of the company

Each accreditation has and is site-specific. Our total quality assurance solutions cover a wide range of industries, including rail, public, transportation, manufacturing, precision engineering, power generation and many others.